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Since 2012, Seattle, WA’s boaconstructor has been incorporating the sounds & styles you’d expect to encounter in nightclubs & basements into his extensive creative pallet for chipmusic production. boa’s dark & grimy bass music tunes are minimalist yet undeniably primal; using Gameboy Advance units fitted with nanoloop cartridges, he’s able to invoke some incredibly deep… Read more »

Bit Shifter

Active since 2002 & armed with only two off-the-shelf Nintendo Game Boys, Bit Shifter has been among those leading the charge in the global chipmusic underground, helping to curate releases & throw shows under the 8bitpeoples banner, helping to spearhead the international Blip Festival event series, and from time to time releasing his own material… Read more »


Dot.AY has been a stalwart of the Australian chipscene since it’s inception. Embracing an anything-goes ethos to sound design and musical creation born out of parties underneath houses in Queensland he has gone on to play Blip Festival Australia, I/O in New York, PAX Aus and previous runs at Square Sounds Tokyo and Melbourne. 2018… Read more »


From Norway, Kubbi’s ever-expanding discography has lately made waves in chipmusic. Growing up with the game boy in one hand and a bass guitar in the other one thing leads to another and boom 7 albums. Every piece manifests personal evolution with wordless storytelling. Raw and uplifting melodies backed up by landscapes and sounds from… Read more »

Kris Keyser

Kris Keyser mixes fun and fury with his low-bit compositions, taking the concept of “lateral thinking with withered technology” to new heights by squeezing every last drop of power out of his Game Boys. Kris is the co-founder of Kick.Snare, a show series that bridges the gap between chipmusic and non-chip electronic music, and lWlVl… Read more »