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  Xinon: Japanese Gameboy musician! He started making chiptune around 2004 focusing mainly on trance and house music. In 2011 he played the biggest chiptune event in Japan – Blip Tokyo. He has released on albums far and wide such as on New York’s 8-bit peoples, and also the Chinese label Shanshui Records. For projects… Read more »


  Scythe started making music in 2008 focusing on pop, house and futurebass sounds. In 2016 he was inspired by the artists at Square Sounds Tokyo to start making chipmusic so started playing with LSDJ. He released his first chiptune album on CheapBeats in 2017 and played the Square Sounds Tokyo post-party. His style focuses… Read more »


NES BAND are literally a NES band. Each member is in charge of one particular sound as they recreate classic NES soundtracks live..! They started touring in 2011 and have performed all over Japan. In 2015 they performed a solo live event and in 2016 they appeared at the huge Nico-nico meeting event. Link ホームページ… Read more »


Dot.AY has been a stalwart of the Australian chipscene since it’s inception. Embracing an anything-goes ethos to sound design and musical creation born out of parties underneath houses in Queensland he has gone on to play Blip Festival Australia, I/O in New York, PAX Aus and previous runs at Square Sounds Tokyo and Melbourne. 2018… Read more »


From Norway, Kubbi’s ever-expanding discography has lately made waves in chipmusic. Growing up with the game boy in one hand and a bass guitar in the other one thing leads to another and boom 7 albums. Every piece manifests personal evolution with wordless storytelling. Raw and uplifting melodies backed up by landscapes and sounds from… Read more »

Kris Keyser

Kris Keyser mixes fun and fury with his low-bit compositions, taking the concept of “lateral thinking with withered technology” to new heights by squeezing every last drop of power out of his Game Boys. Kris is the co-founder of Kick.Snare, a show series that bridges the gap between chipmusic and non-chip electronic music, and lWlVl… Read more »