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Quarta 330

Quarta 330 is a Japanese artist belonging to the UK-based record label, Hyperdub, founded by one of the dubstep pioneers, Kode9. He entered the limelight when he released his first 12-inch single on Hyperdub and a remix of a Flying Lotus track on WARP. Since then, he has performed with Prefuse73 (WARP), Darkstar (WARP), The… Read more »


Robotprins is a half-robot, half-prince hero, who likes adventuring and fighting the evil Ondman. Whatever he does he is always accompanied by sweet chiptunes that make him stronger and more handsome. During the last year, Robotprins has been playing the guitar to his sweet chiptunes during his performances. On his newest EP “Robotprins Plays Guitar”… Read more »


The project began in 2008, Brazil, playing electronic music with unusual tools as: Famitracker, a Nintendo sound emulator, and later, LSDJ for the Game Boy, Littlepiggytracker for the Dingoo/PSP and Nanoloop for the Game Boy Advanced. As described, the weapons of choice are portable, obsolete or demi-obsolete video game devices. In 2009, the project joined… Read more »


Roger ‘Rekcahdam’ Hicks – Roger Hicks, known by his stage name “Rekcahdam,” is a music producer, video game & app developer. Roger decided to fuse his interest in programming with that of his artistic passions and went on to become a freelance game developer, sound engineer and session musician. His most notable works include his… Read more »


Cheapshot is the curator of CheapBeats records and organiser of the Square Sounds Tokyo festival. Born in the UK, raised as a chiptuner in Japan. Cheap started making chip around 2009 after being introduced by a friend and hasn’t looked back since. Drawing on works by Quarta330, minikomi, boaconstructor, cymba, and 0f.digital, his works include LSDJ releases on 8bitpeoples… Read more »

Yokemura (YMCK)

Yokemura is better known for his role in YMCK as a lyricist, songwriter and sound producer. He is also the creator of the MacOS-AudioUnit “Magic8bitPlug” as well as the iPhone app: YMCK Player! We are very excited to have him perform solo for us at SST2018..! Links Homepage | Twitter | Facebook

Chip Tanaka

1980 – 1999: Involved with the development of Nintendo’s game sound chip and development for various games including the Mother (Earthbound) series, Dr. Mario, and Metroid. 2000 – Present: Creator of many of the Pokemon TV anime songs and BGM as “Hirokazu Tanaka From 2007: Active as the musician “Chip Tanaka” at various events. Links Homepage | Twitter | Soundcloud


Since 2012, Seattle, WA’s boaconstructor has been incorporating the sounds & styles you’d expect to encounter in nightclubs & basements into his extensive creative pallet for chipmusic production. boa’s dark & grimy bass music tunes are minimalist yet undeniably primal; using Gameboy Advance units fitted with nanoloop cartridges, he’s able to invoke some incredibly deep… Read more »

Bit Shifter

Active since 2002 & armed with only two off-the-shelf Nintendo Game Boys, Bit Shifter has been among those leading the charge in the global chipmusic underground, helping to curate releases & throw shows under the 8bitpeoples banner, helping to spearhead the international Blip Festival event series, and from time to time releasing his own material… Read more »


Toriena is the queen of chiptune in Japan. She started producing music in 2012 in Kyoto, and began the Japanese chiptune label “MADMILKY RECORDS” in 2013. Since then she has been involved in lyric writing, song writing and arrangement, artwork and vocals. Her unique approach to chiptune sees her using both authentic hardware such as… Read more »