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Kenji Interview

Cheapshot: What inspired you to draw this year’s awesome art? Kenji: Well, the characters’ faces up until now have been straight on, surprised and smiling. I wanted to do something that looked a little more “serious” this year so I’ve drawn the character with a little spark in her eyes.✨The background and geometrical patterns were… Read more »


A VJ unit from Higashi-Totsuka and Tama New Town TAKASAKI Yusuke:Programmer and planner. He writes odd code and stuff. Hermippe:An illustrator and embroidery specialist. He draws pixel art with a dark, brooding feel. Links TAKASAKI Yusuke: twitter web ヘルミッペ: twitter web


Lazerbeat makes low-resolution visuals for electronic music. He hero-worships NO CARRIER and m7kenji. Twitter