Quarta 330

Quarta 330 is a Japanese artist belonging to the UK-based record label, Hyperdub, founded by one of the dubstep pioneers, Kode9.
He entered the limelight when he released his first 12-inch single on Hyperdub and a remix of a Flying Lotus track on WARP. Since then, he has performed with Prefuse73 (WARP), Darkstar (WARP), The Bug (NinjaTune), and Kode9 (Hyperdub). Recently, he performed at “Hyperdub 10 – 10th Anniversary Party,” “Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014 presents 1UP: Cart Diggers Live.” Additionally, his music has appeared on compilations by famous labels and artists such as Thom Yorke (RADIOHEAD), Mouse On Mars, Ministry of Sound, etc.
Among Japanese artists, he has accomplished remarkable achievements at a furious speed.
Quarta 330 originally started his career as a chiptune artist. In fact, he integrated chiptune sounds with current dance aesthetics when he performed at Square Sounds Tokyo 2011. However, he has branched out his curiosity in music and has started interpreting/ recomposing sounds.
Finally, he developed a new style called, “Pixelated Dub (Nagagutsu).” Now, he is introducing audiences to this new form of sound through his songs and performances.


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