From Norway, Kubbi’s ever-expanding discography has lately made waves in chipmusic. Growing up with the game boy in one hand and a bass guitar in the other one thing leads to another and boom 7 albums. Every piece manifests personal evolution with wordless storytelling. Raw and uplifting melodies backed up by landscapes and sounds from many corners of technological advance. Merging the many worlds of electronic music with progressive rock in a Chiptune melting pot and all this with a persistent DIY attitude.

Kubbi has been featured on youtube channels like “Trainer Tips”, “Slamacow”, “mrSuicideSheep”, “DexBonus” next to soundtracks written for “Slime-San” and “Just Shapes and Beats”. His performing history is packed with tours in Russia, EU as well as performances on Eindbaas and Magfest. He enjoys cartoons and plays too much Melee.


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