Kris Keyser

Kris Keyser mixes fun and fury with his low-bit compositions, taking the concept of “lateral thinking with withered technology” to new heights by squeezing every last drop of power out of his Game Boys. Kris is the co-founder of Kick.Snare, a show series that bridges the gap between chipmusic and non-chip electronic music, and lWlVl (low-level), a multi-day festival showcasing lo-bit music, art, and interactive work. From Mexico City to his home turf in Brooklyn, notable performances include Blip Festival, Toy Company Festival, MAGFest, PAX East, and The Engadget Show. Kris is a featured artist on the 8bitpeoples label. His music has appeared on NPR’s Planet Money, Techcrunch’s Droidcast, and in several indie games.


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